Northern California’s premier online social media environment (BETA)

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Hi there! My name is Anthony Reardon, and I am the Network Creator for Nor Cal. The following is a comprehensive business plan for the project probably unlike anything you are used to encountering. It is an extension of my personal business, Nascent Dynamics ( ) Modern Business for the Modern Environment, a prototype concept business representing a vision for everything I want to accomplish personally, professionally, and eventually as a world-class organization.

Right now I am simplifying the business line for introductory purposes to "online social media consulting". The target market is Northern California businesses from places like Santa Cruz, Silicon Valley, the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Tahoe, Redding, and basing operations out of my home town of Chico, CA.

This modern business plan is an interactive feature that business owners serious about competing in the emerging social media environment can use to partner with me, influence the direction of the project in their favor, and to position at the forefront of a world-class strategy for developing superior market intimacy.

Content will be presented in an immersive style. Reading through it is an option, not a requirement, but I do highly recommend reviewing it.





    • Nascent Dynamics ( ) Online Social Media Consulting                


    • How Your Business Benefits From My Research And Development


    • An Innovative Solution Through Organizational Psychology


    • Defining Nor Cal As An Online Social Media Environment


    • Promoting Community: Nor Cal As A Socio-Cultural Phenomena


    • An Outside-The-Box Social Media Campaign: The Nor Cal Superstars


    • Getting Started With Your FREE Online Social Media Consultation



Nascent Dynamics ( ) Online Social Media Consulting


I first engineered Nor Cal (the modern environment) as a proprietary intelligence-based solution for my own company (a modern business). The project has since evolved to be a mutual benefit for any stakeholder vested in the economic development of Northern California that chooses to work with me. This transparent business plan provides an overview of my corresponding thought process, and is provided to help you start thinking in terms of competing as a “modern business for the modern environment”.


Today, Nor Cal is configured to help support marketing to Northern California businesses. It serves as a model demonstrating my professional expertise. It is also a BETA (pre-release), and during this phase should grow organically at a very modest pace. It will be free for personal use, professionals, and non-profit organizations. However, the only businesses I will allow to participate will be my sponsors.


The first step is to simply e-mail me for a FREE comprehensive social media consultation. I will put together an analysis of what you are doing online, and discuss with you how I can help you get your business online better. You will notice I offer a level of proprietary expertise and information that probably constitutes the main body of work similar consultants would want to protect and charge you for. The reason I can get away with this and still see a profitable business model is the essential values I do control are:


  • my time interfacing with you,

  • my expertise applied to your business,

  • services I can perform on behalf of your online marketing strategy,

  • your opportunity for a social media presence on, and

  • your relation to the primary social media campaign I will be using to promote the network upon release.


Think of me as an outsourced social media professional and a great addition to your management team. You can network with me and talk business off-site for free before you decide to make a commitment to working together. My goal is to develop long-lasting relationships with my community and for businesses to approach the project as phased implementation over a period of years.


The BETA phase of implementation involves me personally inviting people to check the site out until such time as the network gains substantial community interest, and financial resources are made available through business sponsorships.


The official release of the project involves a full-scale marketing and advertising plan including social media, word of mouth, in-store fixtures, local television commercials, radio hosted programs, billboard advertising, movie theater preview spots, exhibition events, and so on.


The fundamental advantage of participating in such an advertising program is the split in cost across the group of sponsors. Being unified under the umbrella of a common theme like Nor Cal means high-end advertising products can be purchased at group rates or better. Participating sponsors can get greater value than they could probably afford on their own budgets, and get it for less than they would likely pay individually for inferior exposure.


We have a lot of setting up to do before then with developing-


  • customized online social media marketing strategies,

  • comprehensive social media profiles,

  • planned networking functions through forums,

  • dedicated multi-media group interfaces by company, and

  • dynamic media presentations that will be attractive to the greater Northern California online community. does not necessarily represent a technologically unique capability for social networking or social media in itself. It is highly scalable, easy to use, and offers a cleaner look and feel for media presentations than sites with excessive advertising and links. What I hope excites you aside from the inclusion of personal service consulting will be the culture of community facilitated under my leadership and the substance of the media shared. It will be my pleasure to discuss how your business can fit in, and I would like to start the conversation around productions involving-


  • promotion of you and your business,

  • promotion of the greater Northern California region,

  • promotion of the socio-cultural phenomena that is “Nor Cal”,

  • promotion of myself as an online social media personality, and

  • promotion of a social media driven semi-professional soccer team called The Nor Cal Superstars for our featured social media campaign.



How Your Business Benefits From My Research And Development


I have been working with the Ning platform since 2008. At first, I saw an exciting opportunity to create a dedicated online community for the company I was developing. Nascent Dynamics ( ) is an experimental modern business prototype I had been designing to present and deliver a highly personalized set of services according to my own preferences. The ability to create my own social network meant I could leverage technology to reach across the web to that theoretical "one in a million" that shared my interests.


The emerging wisdom on social networking at the time was to specify a niche, and to focus on precision target marketing. What I learned, however, is people that already associate to a given area of interest are consequently more likely to have pre-established channels to get what they want from the web. That meant, despite the seemingly perfect fit with an already established base, actually penetrating that market turned out to be more difficult.


As I experimented with developing my own business related social network, I realized that I was niching myself too narrowly. What I needed to do was introduce my product to people who did not already identify as related or interested. In other words, I needed to expand my market to that theoretical "million" in order to get the necessary exposure to reach that "one" I actually wanted to target.


I decided to create a test network that was more inclusive of everyone else’s interests, and to represent my business line as a subgroup within it. By extension, this is the framework I have incorporated into Nor Cal for both my own business interests as well those of my prospective clients.


For my early R&D project I adopted the theme of social networking itself. I defined it further as social networking by “area” of interest with specific attention to geographical “areas”. I set it up in many ways over the years, but probably the most descriptive of this was Area Light Explorer, An Online Social Networking Magazine. I invited other network creators, provided commentary on emerging trends in social networking, and tested different techniques for influencing a culture of online community.


These years were very productive in terms of familiarizing with what social media experts and network creators were putting out there, but I learned the most through trial and error. This is important for you because you would not come to the realizations I have by attempting to learn and apply all the contemporary techniques being applied to social media, but rather through real risk of failure experimenting as a learning organization.


The most effective way I found to create a network conducive to specific social outcomes is to set it up without the burden of specifications. Rather than spelling everything out, I am setting up Nor Cal to facilitate the opportunity for a natural behavior to occur. If that activity is "sharing media", then people should intuitively "get it", and businesses should recognize it as something they want to "get in on".


Nike (Soccer) employs a comprehensive and effective “social media” marketing strategy, but you will not necessarily see them doing a lot of “social networking”. What they do is organize social events that occur in person such as sporting events or training camps, and then they produce and distribute that media through a combination of web and mainstream channels. The media inspires people to be part of something bigger and authentic- their brand message and the substance of what they are doing. From there, people get the message, share it for the “indirect” association it offers in positioning themselves in their “online” social identities, and this leads to more sales of Nike products. This is perfect in the sense purchasing and using the products “directly” positions people in their “real-world” social identities, and thus is what I like to describe as a tangible conversion of the precedent behavior.


If people like “playing” with the brand online, then they are going to like “playing” with the product in person. To put it simply, play is practice for the real thing. The reason I point this out is what Nike is doing may be defining a standard for what effective social media is, but this does not necessarily conform to what many industry experts are suggesting social media means to businesses.


By contemporary definition, social media is put forward as a cost effective alternative for traditional advertising. Even more progressive sounding ideas like "relationship development" are thought of as connecting consumers to a company's press release feed. Most companies I have studied online struggle with quantitative metrics that have no direct bearing on sales, or post content about their business that results in little productive engagement with their market.


Based on what I have learned, using an online medium to tell people what your business does will not cause people to act any differently than they normally would. It's what your business actually does with people online that makes a difference. That said, you are already getting a value from my social media consulting.



An Innovative Solution Through Organizational Psychology


Let’s talk about the structure of the network to support multiple social modalities concurrently from business, to organizational, to professional, to personal. Personal sites like MySpace and Facebook already exist and are free. Professional networking sites like LinkedIn are also already established and free. In fact, there are freely accessible social networks dedicated to supporting non-profit organizations and informal groups around all manner of interests. There are also countless “premium” membership networks targeting companies. However, the market to be the best across all levels is still wide open and an undecided contest.


Companies are putting budgets now behind social media integration, hiring dedicated social media marketing personnel, and either creating or joining social interfaces under the premise these paths are going to be the absolute best way to spend online marketing dollars. The fact is the rules have yet to be written. In my experience, most businesses are not seeing a projected ROI by posting to Facebook pages or Twitter. The problem is the technology is exciting, especially to developers, but alone it almost always lacks the essentials of human psychology that really matter to people.


The reason I have structured Nor Cal for personal, professional, non-profit/ informal organizational, and business use is to influence the culture of online community as it already exists in real life networking circles. People operate from these social modes as they relate personally, then at work by what they do, connect around worthwhile social causes, and represent their company’s brand vision and mission statements within their communities.


When I have opened previous BETA projects up for personal use, the prevailing subject matters and interactions created an environment that would not have been constructive for professional use nor business.


For all the skills professionals may possess, just opening the network to them on that mode does not necessarily influence them to operate a comfortable balance between being themselves, extending their knowledge as a human resource into their profession, and representing the best interests of their company.


Non-profits are often more desperate to draw attention to their causes and get money from people than businesses. It's often a linear and reactive approach when more success could be found by giving others attention on what matters to them (non-linear) and putting forward unconditional social value to prospective benefactors and community alike (proactive).


Most businesses are still used to the traditional “We Sell/ You Buy” relationship with customers, “You work for me” relationship with employees, and “Either I do or do not have business with you” relationship with other companies.


Put all these modes in together without clear differentiation and everyone involved could assume those norms, and even worse simply be inactive on any and all levels for lack of understanding how to relate to their satisfaction. The people at the highest levels of the most popular social sites struggle with this. The conflict is clear as you see these companies try to lock into a niche in order to penetrate a market, and then try to expand the scope of their products to match how people actually relate.


Central to this is coming to grips with how to be a solution for businesses that constitute the main monetization for most technology companies. Few people are talking about ad revenues anymore. Your average internet user despises ads, and businesses are looking for a better way to get through to people.


What really matters is relationship development. The question is how to avoid being condescending when businesses are operating on a level playing field with individual people. The puzzle is compounded by the question of how to then create mutually satisfactory separation so transactional interaction is possible without people feeling they are being manipulated under false pretenses of friendship.


To develop the kind of qualitative relationships that lead to people taking a real interest in what a business has to offer requires investment of resources in one way or another. However, throwing money at technology such as “social loyalty” solutions from coupons, reward points, game codes, and other “Like” incentives does not get the job done. What does work is the simple psychology of the age old “Golden Rule” – if you want people to be genuinely interested in you, then you have to show a genuine interest in them.


While this kind of relationship activity is easier to achieve for a small business owner than some anonymous corporate enterprise, the practical reality is most small business owners are too busy actually providing their products and services to what patrons they do have- and don’t have the budget to hire staff to do this for them on the full-time basis. Even if they do have the opportunity to spend their time marketing, the evolving business environment requires a new kind of thinking- both on the part of businesses and the people they are marketing to.


Altogether, Nor Cal is designed as a solution to directly tackle these challenges. For most members, this is not something that will be spelled out to them. The information about what we are doing will be available to them, but rather than bother them with details, the goal is for the network to be set up in such a way the natural activities occur. Structuring Nor Cal to support different social modalities concurrently is one way this is done.


On the other hand, businesses will participate under my direct consultation. That is, while the rest of the community will be afforded the freedom to take on a life of its own, it is my intention to directly influence every aspect of the business modality occurring on the network. After all, helping you get your business online better is what you will be paying me for.


That does not mean ads, nor does it mean soliciting members. It might seem counter-intuitive at first to not directly contact prospective customers, put a product with a price point in front of them, drop your pitch, and work the sale. However, this is precisely what I am going to instruct you not to do. Think of it as reverse-psychology if you like.


What it does mean is working together to make Nor Cal an online destination of choice, doing things to support a positive culture of community online, and positioning your business passively for people to voluntarily opt-in with a priority on optimizing the end-user experience for all involved.



Defining Nor Cal As An Online Social Media Environment


In one respect, is defined as a network. Ning is structured for people to create social networks with the idea of getting people to join and participate. The use of "media" in terms of an online interface for interaction -or mechanism for networking- fits the contemporary definition of "social media". However, I find it important to emphasize "media" in terms of online content or media productions. Referring again to the example of Nike (Soccer), they produce and distribute media onto social interfaces where people can experience, share, associate with, and promulgate the brand messages being conveyed. Their social media is not necessarily interactive, but rather tailored for interaction between people in their market through whatever environments they operate out of.


A business using the network can put together a quality presentation for distribution and they will have effectively done the same thing that Nike does. Most business people I have met during my test marketing are too busy to network. This is one of the reasons traditional media is still a good fit with them. They can produce an advertisement for distribution on those channels, let it do its thing, and then get back to work. By defining Nor Cal as an online social media environment, Northern California businesses can do the same thing without necessarily being obliged to network.


In the same respect, I have positioned Nor Cal with more emphasis on media sharing than social networking. That means casual internet explorers can visit the site to experience the media shared without having to sign up to participate, and those that do join can enjoy in other ways besides networking- and not feel awkward for it. For those that choose to be more involved beyond the media emphasis, the opportunity to network alongside those other people, professionals, organizations, and businesses in the community represents a tremendous opportunity- and that very activity will be a dynamic of the social media experience people will tune into the network for.


I will be producing the network's featured social media campaign as an example for my clients to reference, but also as a direct value for network sponsors. Particularly in the beginning, my series is positioned in such a way as it can be presented as the stand alone production. Working with me on this is thus a convenience to my sponsors who do not have the time, skill set, nor interest in producing and sharing media for themselves.


For those businesses interested in producing their own media, I can provide some direction. I recommend looking at some of the business media I posted on the network already as a starting reference. What you see are not your average commercials. The media should speak directly to the audience, but not in the sense of a car dealership advertisement. While covering aspects of the products and services will be fine, the context of the social network I am developing is better served by featuring the company as it relates to being a Northern California business, perhaps the professionals that work for you, and an experience the audience can value as much about entertainment as information. Think about a five minute expose of your business rather than a 30 second commercial or product tour.


What I can say is production quality will play an important part of representing the site as a value to our audience. I have been actively researching video production companies and professionals that I could refer my clients to. However, the dynamic of the social network also makes more simple productions acceptable when you can relate as a person doing it yourself. Initially, that is the approach I will take for my own social media campaign. However, once I can afford to partner with someone that can help me provide the higher quality media, I will take every opportunity to incorporate that into my productions.


Any activity on the site constitutes social media in my view. Whether it is creative presentation of a profile, posting an engaging discussion, or sharing impactful videos, it all ties into what is going to make Nor Cal- Northern California's premier online social media environment.


Promoting Community: Nor Cal As A Socio-Cultural Phenomena


What is “Nor Cal”? The term is a common abbreviation for “Northern California”. I created to be the premier Nor Cal social website. The fact is, I saw it as an unmet market opportunity. Growing up in Northern California, I was surprised not to find a site that really captured what I see as the prevailing sense of community, social attitudes, and cultural identity that come with being from the area. In most cases, the sites I saw out there trying to relate to the theme are fundamentally oriented on selling something, and the association to Northern California is purely for the purpose of positioning companies within their local market. Unfortunately, this commercialization of the theme usually fails to live up to the real socio-cultural phenomena people relate to on a daily basis. Thus, the prospects for a geographic niche social network that can put the people, places, and activities that define Northern California first are exceptional. Nor Cal is a community driven social media channel people can enjoy without having to worry about being upsold on products/ services, where businesses can have a role too, but where it should be immediately clear the focus is simply promoting all that is awesome about our part of the world.


Where is Nor Cal? Don't underestimate the seriousness of the question because there is no definitive answer. Common sense dictates you can divide the state in half to define North from South, but it is just as reasonable to suggest everything from San Francisco to Fresno is “Central” California. However, the central valley of the state is generally not glamorized as much. Besides, I like Santa Cruz, and was pleasantly surprised on a trip to the Bay Area to see the region likes being a part of Nor Cal too. Prior to that, I had personally thought of Nor Cal from my perspective in Chico, and considered it might even be a stretch to include Sacramento. When you really start getting up into the majestic forests and mountains North of Mt. Shasta it is easier for those people to assume that is where Nor Cal starts. At least that is what I thought when I grew up there. Living in the North Valley between Redding and Sacramento, you might not relate Nor Cal to nature as much, but a quick roadtrip will change that perspective as you encounter places like the Trinity National Forest or Lassen National Park. Heading over the Sierra Nevada foothills to Tahoe for a nice winter snowboarding excursion and you start to get the picture why people are comfortable calling this Nor Cal.


What is Nor Cal to you? I have lived up in Shasta, McCloud, Weed, Chico, Sacramento, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, and Sunnyvale. Nor Cal is home for me. I have also lived all over the country, and as a Marine have been stationed internationally in various countries. Despite the qualities of the places I have lived, I have always felt a longing to return to Northern California. A lot of people obviously share my sentiment. You see Nor Cal bumper and window stickers everywhere up here. I see a lot of Nor Cal shirts, and quite a lot of people ink it on their skin. There may be somewhat of an attitude this is one of the coolest places to live or visit. Perhaps it is the dynamic range between the recreational opportunities to enjoy nature, and the economics of being at one of the key technological centers of the world. As a socio-cultural phenomena, there may be no better way to describe it other than Nor Cal.


Chico for example is a relatively small city in the North State. Coming into town, you will behold why Chico is recognized as an agricultural leader in the almond and walnut industry world-wide. Known as "The City of Trees", we have one of the largest municipal parks in the country running right through the town. Most visitors will admire how the city infrastructure is built around California State University, Chico- I believe one of the Northernmost universities in the state (and some people have said the number 1 party school in America). We are also known for our famous Sierra Nevada Brewery, a locally owned and environmentally conscious company that makes really great beer. I usually just say it is a great place to grow kids. For me, Chico is at the center of Nor Cal. It epitomizes the best of both worlds, and I can enjoy the incredible diversity Northern California has to offer in less than a 4 hour drive in any direction.


When people out of the state think of cool towns in California, one of the names I usually hear is Santa Cruz. Nestled in a beautiful coastal mountain valley, with their own college town atmosphere, and the Pacific beachfront known for its boardwalk, people may find it expensive to live there, but will travel from all around the world to visit. Just over one hill you can enjoy a tour of wine country, and over another hill you find Sunnyvale at the heart of Silicon Valley. Popularized by industry media for their surfing culture, Santa Cruz has created an identity as a recreational destination of choice.


Surfing fits very nicely into media whether it be photo, video, or graphic design elements people can associate with the lifestyle. That's kind of what I am aiming at with promoting Northern California as a whole. The same kind of design elements can be found on Nor Cal graphics practically wherever they appear. We also identify with a star between the “Nor” and “Cal”, or as a standalone icon. I find it interesting how we usually incorporate a nautical star. I did a little research and learned the symbol was traditionally used to represent military returning home. How fitting! Consider then what I have done with the branding of I have incorporated the same kind of edgy styling with the words Nor Cal, and I have sharpened up the nautical star to reflect a balance of progressive modernism people can more easily associate with technological and online advancement.


One thing that all members of Nor Cal should be able to relate to then is our socio-cultural identity. I want to encourage production of related media that will reflect Northern California in a positive light. In the same sense, just networking for who you are as a local, the pride you take in doing what you do, and how your business fits with all that is great in our communities will help Nor Cal achieve its potential as Northern California's premier online social media environment. As a whole, the benefits of doing so could attract economic development through being recognized as a place ideally suited for modern business, awesome recreational lifestyles, and an amazing place to live.



An Outside-The-Box Social Media Campaign: The Nor Cal Superstars


The featured social media campaign I will be using to promote the Nor Cal BETA for release is my own personal story. The reason I became an online social media consultant, and consequently developed as a proprietary solution for my clients, is that I wanted to have something substantial to offer businesses that were willing to sponsor me toward my personal ambitions.


I am a United States Marine Corps veteran looking for sponsors to help me

accomplish my dream of playing professional soccer.


In the years just before I joined the Marine Corps, my hometown in Northern California had a semi-professional soccer team. When I completed my service and moved back home about 7 years later, I was looking forward to an opportunity to work my way onto the team. Unfortunately, I found out the team no longer existed. Talking with the former team owners, I learned there were a number of issues they had run into, and the main factor was simply that they had an unsustainable business model.


This was a huge disappointment for me personally because I had imagined that team as the perfect course for my development as a player if I were going to make a run at playing professionally in a few years. In the broader picture, I thought it was a huge loss for my local community, especially the younger generations who would miss out on role models to look up to, not have as much opportunity to aspire to, and not get to experience the sport played beyond high school and college levels.


As a Marine, I prided myself on pushing my limits and accomplishing what I set my mind to. The confidence I had gained in my highly successful military career was enough for me to believe I could play professionally- if I had the right support and opportunity to develop. One of the great aspects of Marine Corps leadership I brought home with me after serving my country was a directive to apply that character for the benefit of my community. So I decided that I would find a way to eventually accomplish my goal of playing professional soccer, and I could give back to my community by leading a new professional team.


In order to do this, I would need to address the obstacles the previous team had been unable to overcome. They had done well for many years through a combination of personal financing by the team owners (the proprietors of a local indoor soccer arena), partnership with the local university (leasing of dedicated outdoor athletic facilities), and sponsorship agreements (local businesses willing to help finance costs). The team was actually very successful from a competitive standpoint, and events were proactively advertised, but at the end of the day there were simply not enough ticket sales to keep the organization going.


Altogether, that team had been a commendable effort, and they had applied a traditional business model that worked for years, but it is entirely understandable why they came to an end. If I were to start a team though, I would have to do much better- I would have to come up with a modern business model- I would have to think outside-the-box.


That team had struggled much like many businesses in the area. They were somewhat confined to the available market in our relatively small Northern California town. However, if you asked people who their representative NFL team was, they would most likely say the 49ers without hesitation. The thought crossed my mind that it only made sense to expand my team’s target market beyond my city to my region. With the emergence of popular social media today, an enterprise can do business wherever the web reaches.


The question still remained though, how to make this a profitable venture? I took a close look at the convention of sponsorship the previous team had employed (sponsorship in exchange for banner and uniform advertisement during games), and concluded it was quite unlikely to yield any notable returns to participating businesses. I doubt what exposure sponsors got from this resulted in any increase in their respective profits, but at the least it supported their good names in the community. Other than the good will though, I can see how the previous team would have had a hard sell on bringing money in from sponsors. I realized that if my team was employing social media across the broader region, we could get quite a lot more sponsors, and in turn they would each benefit by being able to market beyond their own geographic limitations too.


In fact, the more I studied social networking, social media, and how businesses are using technology to market their products and services, the more I started to see that companies were locked in to the mental models of traditional advertising. Why not use the power of social media to directly connect to consumers? Instead of offering banners and logo placement, I could see how my social media driven soccer team could offer so much more value to sponsors. Developing a social network, I could make it more about the Northern California geographic niche than specifically soccer. Plus, with the knowledge I gained, I could help businesses take full advantage of the marketing opportunities. Adding in the personal service and group advertising dynamics, I decided my soccer team’s business model could be entirely sponsor revenue based.


Finally, after some extensive test marketing, I had to make some decisions on how to present what I am doing to prospective sponsors. Would I focus on the online social media consulting or The Nor Cal Superstars (Sponsorship Program)? When I spoke about the sponsorship program, most people seemed to react as though it were a personal appeal for sympathy and charity. Presenting the consulting as an exclusive benefit for sponsorship was confusing to people. I decided to keep it simple, and focus most initial introductions to businesses from the perspective of social media consulting.


In this way, those companies interested in being a part of Nor Cal can do so without having to get directly involved with the soccer project if it is not a good fit for them. For their purposes, I am organizing a soccer team to help promote the site, and whatever I do with that will be like the other advertising plans I have laid out- paid for from my own pocket from a percentage of what I am able to earn in providing a social media marketing solution. Having a soccer team will help improve exposure for, and the more exposure the site gets benefits my clients and my own business interests mutually -even if indirectly as Network Sponsors.


Nonetheless, being a Marine remains an important part of my online branding, my story, and what I hope to accomplish in giving back to my community. Those business owners willing to sponsor me on the basis of who I personally am and what I am personally trying to accomplish will have exceptional personal values and friendly attitudes I can use as the lead-in to developing a specially integrated social media marketing strategy. This is what I will be spending most of my time on, the only business interest I will be campaigning for on the network, and the only one that I will be able to actually execute on behalf of my sponsors.


The interactive documentary of my journey, including the promotion of those sponsors in the community that decide to specifically help me on this part of the project, will be the primary social media campaign used to popularize the site for release. That is, most of the traditional advertising campaign will be promoting the network, but on the site itself, I plan to focus on promoting The Nor Cal Superstars. Network Sponsors will be able to do the same kind of thing for their businesses, and I will be consulting with them on exactly how to do that. However, to get the most value from this network, I am strongly going to recommend businesses extend the scope of their sponsorship and get directly involved with this featured network activity.


Working with me to accomplish something authentic beyond just social media marketing or building a social network, I can present sponsors in an appropriate manner that can inspire the culture of community necessary for facilitating productive relationship building. The simple version starts small, and that is perfect for how to make this thing take off in a huge way organically. I do believe in an honest day's wage for an honest day's work, which is also part of the virtues I bring to the table as a Marine. Between training and producing The Nor Cal Superstars social media campaign, I will make myself available online as a resource to consult with you on developing and executing your own aligned social media campaigns with the practical goal of ROI through increasing the sales of your products and services.

One way or the other, I am inclined to Just Do It.



Getting Started With Your FREE Social Media Consultation


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Anthony Reardon

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